With the passage of time, it becomes more difficult for any business to improve their rank in the Google search results.  The difficulty stems from two factors:

  1. There are more and more websites meaning more competition for the same real estate on the first page of the Google search results
  2. Google adjusts their ranking factors over time so that the steps you took a few years ago no longer apply
As an example, it was not too long ago that there was no Twitter or Facebook and the social signals did not much matter for ranking your website in the search results.  But if you take a look at the latest studies on the factors that correlate with high search engine rank, you see that seven of the top eight factors determining your search engine rank are social signals (http://www.searchmetrics.com/en/services/ranking-factors-2013/).

Options for Maintaining and Increasing Search Position

Even if you're not concerned about increasing your rank in the search results it requires attention to maintain the position you have or else you will continue to lose rank.  Your options are as follows

  1. You could have an existing employee take on this task and learn what to do with 2 to 3 days of study from inexpensive courses that can be purchased on the Internet.  They would likely need to devote 4 to 6 hours a week of time to create social signals, create backlinks, post on forums and guest post.  Some minor expenditures in services that would automate these tasks, say $100 a month, would double the productivity of the time invested.
  2. You can outsource this function in the least expensive way to do this is with an overseas contractor.  We recommend oh desk were many contractors will do this type of work for about $10 per hour.  Of course, as with any contractor, you may have to try two or three before you find the one who is diligent, competent and stays on top of your job.  To use an SCO consultant based in United States is likely far too expensive for what amounts to a lot of grunt work.
  3. You, as the owner, could do this yourself.  Because of the value of your time, you would employ more tools to automate these functions requiring an investment of maybe $250 per month for services that will submit guest posts, generate backlinks and provide social signals.  Your time would be devoted to supplying content such as articles, comments or bookmarks as inputs for these automated services.  There are of course services that will do the writing for you but in our experience, this results in low-quality posts and the investment of somebody who knows your business or industry pays off in much higher quality content.
Depending on your need to increase your search engine rank, there are other tasks that may need to be completed.  This would include having a contractor review your on page optimization to make sure your site is well structured for maximum search results and also creating a blog network to generate a much greater quantity of backlinks.



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